Helping people to remain independent in their own home

We are a local charity helping the elderly and/or mobility impaired across several villages in South Cambridgeshire. The charity’s aim is to help people remain independent in their homes, via visiting mobile wardens who provide social contact and practical support.

How to join

Call us on 07808 735066

If you, a relative or a friend would like to join the scheme we will be delighted to talk to you and arrange a visit to discuss your needs.

What We do

The wardens make regular visits and phone calls to provide social contact and friendship and carry out errands around the villages for their clients such as light shopping, collecting prescriptions and paying bills etc. Wardens assist clients to access other support they may need such as domestic help, home maintenance and meals etc. 

The scheme organises occasional outings so clients can socialise with each other and also helps people to access local activitiesRegular magazines keep our clients in touch with events and promote health and safety. 

Who does the Scheme help?

The scheme is open to the mobility impaired that the scheme believes it is able to help, including those who live alone or with their families, but who need the extra support offered by our services. Couples are most welcome. It is also open to the mobility impaired living in sheltered housing or residents of ‘extra care’ homes.

Note: The scheme also offers its services for short periods to cover the temporary absence of relatives who otherwise provide this support.


What our clients think about us now

It is the best thing that could have happened to me

I really don’t know how I would cope without you

It’s not just the visits, there is so much more that you do

I could not manage without your help. I do not know what I would do without you and your wonderful service

Thank you so much, this is an amazing service you operate

It is always a relief to know there is someone Mum can turn to

Questions and answers

What is meant by mobility impaired?

The scheme helps people who may struggle to leave their home unassisted or who are limited in this respect. This could be due to a variety of conditions that might for example affect movement, sight or balance, or could include those who have a chronic illness or dementia. It may be that the person has become generally frail due to advancing years.

What about if I or my relative live with family?

The scheme recognises that our support not only benefits couples, but those who may live with their extended families. Often families have work commitments and our support during the week can be reassuring. Also our scheme can be invaluable in providing a little respite for partners or families who may be caring for loved ones with certain conditions.

Does the scheme offer emergency call out?

Unfortunately no – we are a scheduled visit service. Of course if we discover an emergency situation during our visits or phone calls we will support the client and summon the appropriate assistance.

Does the Scheme offer other services?

Yes – the scheme organises occasional outings and clients of the scheme have the chance to socialise with each other which has led to many new friendships. We also produce regular magazines that encourage client interaction and keeps everyone in touch.

​If I or my relative joins, is there a set period commitment?

No – you can join or leave the scheme at any time.

​I, or my relative, live outside of these villages – what can I do?

Please go to ‘how to join’ and contact the scheme to tell us about your needs. We will contact you to see if we are able to help or advise in your particular circumstances.

I or my relative is a younger person – is it possible to join?

There is no age limit – we will consider helping any adult who is mobility impaired and who could at times feel socially isolated and in need of the kind of support we offer.

Do you provide personal care?

We do not for example wash or dress clients or cook for them etc, but we focus on social contact and other areas of practical support that promotes health and wellbeing.

Will I or my family be visited by the same person?

Yes – each client who joins the scheme is allocated their own warden who becomes their regular visitor and contact. The exception to this is when the regular warden is on holiday and another warden will visit for that period. However, wardens and clients are introduced beforehand, so any warden covering will usually already be known to the client.  Wardens are carefully selected for their caring skills, are fully trained and DBS checked – so clients and families can have peace of mind.

I or my relative only needs occasional help.

Subject to availability you can book warden support for a short period during the year – for example when your family are on holiday or you have a temporary need. However this support will not be financially subsidised as it is for regular members. For more information please contact us via ‘how to join’.

How much does it cost?

The small amount payable varies according to whether the client is an individual, a couple or if temporary support is needed. Contact us for details.

What villages are covered by Melbourn Mobile Warden Scheme?

At present the scheme covers Melbourn, Meldreth, Shepreth, Harston, Hauxton, Barrington, Grantchester and potentially Orwell villages.

​How can I or my relative join the scheme?

Please contact us via the how to join section.

MElbourn Lunch Club

Lunch club is a very well attended social event that brings people together once a week for lunch, a friendly chat, tea and coffee in the Melbourn Hub, 30 High Street, Melbourn. 
Clients are asked to pay £8 towards their two course meal, refreshments and transport.
Transport is provided by volunteer drivers who freely give their time to pick up and drop off clients. 
Anyone wishing to join the lunch club please speak to their MMWS warden. Places are limited and there may be a waiting list at times